Health services


We are a private inpatient medical facility providing long-term nursing care. The main focus of the facility is the provision of temporary health care focused primarily on the treatment of acute conditions. Our patients are people after procedures and surgeries, after injuries and in convalescence, especially after CMP or orthopedic operations, patients with long-term chronic illness and patients in need of palliative care. Staying in bed serves to stabilize your health and improve self-sufficiency. In our facility, we provide continuous care under the guidance of a doctor and an experienced medical team.

The goal of our medical facility is comprehensive care. We always treat our patients with respect and esteem and recognize their individual requirements. Increased rehabilitation care, on which we place great emphasis, also contributes to achieving this goal. Rehabilitation takes place under the guidance of experienced physiotherapists. The rehabilitation program includes individual physiotherapy, group and movement therapy, occupational therapy, activation and others. We use modern and above-standard aids for rehabilitation.


  • Medical care
  • Comprehensive nursing care
  • Increased rehabilitation care
  • Occupational therapy
  • Activation


  • Room equipment (fridge, toilet, shower, TV)
  • Reception
  • WiFi
  • Dining room on each floor
  • Outdoor garden
  • Free parking at the facility

Admission of a patient to hospitalization

In order for a patient to be admitted to hospital, the recommendation of a attending physician or general practitioner in the form of a written application is necessary. The application also includes a reason for hospitalization and a statement from the attending or general practitioner on the patient’s current state of health. When transferring a patient from another medical facility, this statement is issued by the attending physician, and when admitted from the home environment, it is issued by a general practitioner. The application for admission of the patient will then be professionally evaluated by our doctor. The patient’s state of health determines the length of stay in our facility. Our social worker will inform the patient about the admission or possible non-admission.

List of necessary things for hospitalization

  • a valid ID card or a valid passport
  • health insurance policyholder’s card
  • diabetic card (only for diabetic)
  • medication for 3 months (prescribed by a general practitioner) – when taken from the home environment
  • medication for at least 3 days
  • on receipt from a medical facility
  • drugs prescribed by specialists (oncological, psychiatric, neurological)
  • own compensating aids (glasses, crutches, mechanical wheelchairs, walkers, hernia, orthoses)
  • bathrobe, pajamas or nightgown or home clothes,
  • t-shirts, underwear, socks, warmer top
  • expandable slippers (slippers or sandals with a fixed toe),
  • Suitable footwear for rehabilitation exercises, socks with non-slip points – please consult the rehabilitation worker about the suitability of the footwear
Hygienic aids:
  • liquid soap, body lotion, hair shampoo,
  • greasy heel cream, face cream,
  • toothbrush, toothpaste, comb
  • shaving tools, nail clippers or scissors, nail file,
  • prosthesis case + disinfectant tablets,
  • 2x large towels, 2x towel, 2-3 washcloths, handkerchiefs
We ask family members of patients to continuously supplement the necessary clothing or hygiene aids. We ask patients not to have a large amount of money, jewelry or other valuables with them during hospitalization.

Payment for services

Additional services provided by our center are paid for each individual day of hospitalization.

We offer accommodation in single and double rooms with private facilities. The rooms are equipped with quality furniture, including adjustable beds, LCD TV and refrigerator.